MQ Conference

Venue: York Medical Society, 23 Stonegate, York, YO10 8AW


June 5th

10.00-11.00: Registration and tea/coffee

11.00-12.15: Louise Richardson (York) and John Schwenkler (Florida State). Opening remarks

12.15-1.45: Lunch

1.45-3.30: Mohan Matthen (Toronto). Many Molyneux Questions: How Many Representations of Space do we Need?

Respondent: Heather Logue (Leeds)

3.30-3.45: Break

3.45-5.30: James Franklin (New South Wales). Molyneux’s Question, Neonate Intermodal Perception and the Objects of Mathematics

Respondent: Clare Mac Cumhaill (Durham)

Drinks and dinner

June 6th

9.00-10.45: L. A. Paul (North Carolina at Chapel Hill). Phenomenal Discovery

Respondent: Keith Allen (York)

10.45-11.00: Break

11.00-12.45: Becko Copenhaver (Lewis and Clark). Berkeley, Molyneux and Perceptual Learning

Respondent: Louise Moody (York)

12.45-1.45: Lunch

1.45-3.30: Alisa Mandrigin (Edinburgh) and Matthew Nudds (Warwick). Place and Space Across the Senses

Respondent: Alex Kerr (Berkeley)

3.30-3.45: Break

3.45-5.30: M. G. F. Martin (UCL). On ‘Molyneux’s Question’

Respondent: Paul Noordhof (York)

Abstracts for the conference talks are here.

All are welcome, but since places are limited please email to register. There is a charge of £15 per person to cover lunch and refreshments which graduate students, those on temporary contracts and the unwaged are not required to pay.